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3 Simple Things You Can Start Doing Today To Improve Your Social Media Engagement and Management

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Save time and money by working smarter not harder! I will show you 3 simple things you can do today that will help make managing your social media accounts easier and lead to better engagement.

1. Quality Content

When it comes to content you want to make sure its quality content. You want to give your followers something worth reading and something they actually care about that can help solve a problem they have. When you continue to put out quality content, your followers will look to you as a resource center. They will continue to come back to your page to see what you are sharing that may address some of their problems.

If you are going to share content from another source, try to look for content that will last, not just trend for a week and disappear. If you can it is always best to produce content or develop insights that will stay relevant in the industry.

Remember, it's important to share content that is worthy of shares/retweets. It's always great to include a picture or video in your post. Most followers engage more with posts that have beautiful imagery and an interesting video to watch.

2. Use Scheduling Tools

Save a ton of time by scheduling all of your posts for the month. You can schedule certain days at certain times that you want your posts to go out. You can load up the text, hashtags and even images. Why not make everything automated so that you can focus more of your time on other business needs.

I personally use Hootsuite, and their free version allows you to connect 3 social channels. I usually connect Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But you can also link it to Instagram, Youtube, Google + and more.

There are other resources that are great to use such as their analytics, monitoring and content curation tools. Check out their website for more information and to get your free account setup today.

3. Be REAL

(Just maybe not as "real" as this guy haha)

People want to know the real YOU! Sharing the human side of your brand is important, because people connect better with faces than logos.

For example, If you are a funny person, then BE FUNNY! Humor has a funny way of connecting people. You can meet a complete stranger and in the middle of your conversation find something that is so funny you immediately put down your guard and begin to bond with each other. The same concept goes for social media, when you make your users laugh, you show them that you don’t take yourself too seriously and they begin to draw more to your human side and not just focused on the brand.

If you want some more information on how to "Humanize your Brand" check out this article by the Search Engine Journal that has some great tips!

I know trying to get the hang of managing your social media accounts can be overwhelming, so I hope that starting off with at least these 3 things will make a big impact for you.

Thanks for reading!

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