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The Newest Jersey Girl Intern: Faith Duncan

Blurpinkle - Faith Duncan

Now for a proper introduction to the Jersey Girls Marketing team, it’s me again!

Hello, I hope you are doing well right now! I am Faith Duncan if you haven’t met me yet and I have been in charge of content creation and posting onto the official Jersey Girls Marketing accounts found both on Facebook and Instagram for the month of June. Chances are that if you already have seen or follow these two accounts, you have noticed the changes that have been taking place for the past couple of weeks!

Kristina and I met for the first time earlier this year to see if I would be a great fit for the company. I’d say we automatically clicked! The internship program at Parsippany High School, where I attend, only lasts four weeks, meaning I had a month to make my mark and to learn about what it means to manage social media accounts by creating a content calendar, utilizing analytics, and following trends. I must admit that even after reading the articles provided and spending a fair share of my entire life on social media, regularly posting and keeping up with the algorithm is much more time consuming and tedious than I first expected. So, the people in your life that may judge the influencers online for their easy work, just know that you’ll never know how involved that lifestyle really is until you’ve lived it yourself.

Through this experience so far, I’ve found that I really need to practice time management. Because the internship has been virtual, I have a set schedule I am required to follow, but admittedly, I can get off track. I feel that as the program is coming to a close, I am really only just now gaining my composure and becoming more professionally inclined with everything.

Nonetheless, the entire program so far has been an absolutely epic and valuable experience. There is certainly a learning curve to it, but that is what makes it challenging and worthwhile in my opinion. Learning from the best also makes it so much easier to showcase my new skills with confidence. I cannot be thankful enough to my school, my teacher who has coordinated this program, Mrs. Russell, or Kristina for providing me with such an amazing opportunity to learn more about marketing and social media management. Thank you for sharing this experience with me!

Please take the time to read more about how my internship has been going on from my school’s perspective, available via @PHS_Business on Instagram.

Now, I’d like to take this time to introduce myself a little bit more informally:

Name: Faith Duncan

Age: 18; born in 2004

Born: In North JERSEY (woohoo!)

Graduating from: Parsippany High School

Attending in the Fall: Ramapo College of New Jersey

Studying: Communication Arts - Visual Communication Design (It’s basically Graphic Design)

My LinkedIn: Let's connect!

Thank you again and have a great one. You look super cute today! <3


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