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Social Media Made Simple

Social Media Made Simple

There are many reasons to get a handle on Social Media.

  • You gotta be the same place your customers are.

  • It gives you a way to engage, connect, create your digital personality.

  • It's great for SEO - search engines LOVE an active social profile.

So, what's our strategy for Social?

We'll discuss your options with you and find the smartest social channels for you to develop.  We don't want you to waste time and resources on social channels that might be all the rage with people who aren't in your target audience. We also don't want you to miss a great opportunity to connect with people who should know about you.

Strategy & Setup

This project involves you sharing some info via an online questionnaire or a quick conversation and us proposing a social media strategy we believe will work for you -- and importantly, be manageable too, both in terms of your time and budget.


Once agreed, we'll help you set-up your social media pages and profiles so they tell the right story, look great, and work for mobile too.  We'll also deliver a proposed approach on how you should run those channels and things to consider before you begin. Then, you can take it from there or hire us to help out on an ongoing basis.


Timeline:1-2 weeks max

Costs: Starts at $295 for the strategy, price per social channel set-up varies. 

The below packages can be customized as needed but will give you a sense of our pricing.



Basic: Posting Only

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn
Posts: 3-5 a week


Costs: Between $995 - $2,480 (Depending on number of channels)

Advanced:  Social Media Management

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or  LinkedIn

Posts: 5-7 a week

Management: Monitoring, messaging, engagement, inviting, analytics


Costs: Between $2,495 - $5,180 (Depending on number of channels)

Create Images Only

If you are looking to just have images created for you to post to your social channels, then we have that option as well. 

3 - 5 images a week


Contact us for pricing.

Social Media Coaching

Do you already have a social media team in place but they need a little guidance?

Jersey Girls offers social media coaching where we serve as a resource to guide your team on the following:

  • Best practices for all the different social media platforms

  • Social Media Strategy Development

  • Reviewing Analytics and finding ways to improve on it

  • Tactical methods to build your following (strategy)

  • Basic social media rules, expectations, and recommendations

  • Visual Branding 

  • Messaging (tone, personality, and voice) and more...

Contact us today for hourly pricing! 

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