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NJ Monthly Magazine Feature

I am so honored to be included in this issue by New Jersey Monthly Magazine.

Thank you for the opportunity in recognizing my husband and I alongside other amazing individuals.

As there was so much to cover, I know everything we talked about could not fit in the article, so I wanted to share a bit on Entrepreneurship that has proven great success in my life thus far!

I graduated in 2010 from William Paterson University with a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. My first marketing job was for a company in Morristown located at Headquarters Plaza. I began my career as an events marketing associate. It was a great first job in my career. I learned a world about digital marketing and was able to travel to Dublin for the first time for an event we held. I moved on to another company 3 years later in Florham Park, and was hired as a Marketing Coordinator. In the midst, the Marketing Director had resigned, so I had the opportunity to take on a challenge and work with the Marketing VP to run the department.

It was an amazing time for me as I was able to learn so much in a short amount of time, take on a multitude of new responsibilities and develop my skill set even further. It wasn’t easy at times and it challenged me in many ways! That experience helped mold me into the person I am today and for that I am beyond grateful. Having an amazing mentor/boss was the icing on the cake for me as well.

Although it was a tremendous learning opportunity, over the years, I noticed I became stressed and overworked in never ending repetition. I knew there was something greater for me and this was not the end all in my growth as a professional.

My husband noticed how it was taking a toll on me and reminded me often that if I wasn’t truly happy doing something, I shouldn’t do it. He encouraged me to be vulnerable in embracing what it is I am truly feeling and to honor it. So I began to get back into my craft (K.Marie Ceramics) and at the wheel in my most creative space, my ideas of wanting to help myself the way I help others came to fruition.

Leaving the corporate world and a cushy salary was scary, but taking a risk to become an entrepreneur was the best decision of my life. Having a great support system helped me embrace my decision even more. My husband, my family and my friends, all encouraged me to take on whatever it was I set out to do and that kept me motivated in times when I didn’t have a clear vision of my future.

In 2017, my partner Amy Lamperti and I started Jersey Girls Marketing. Jersey Girls Marketing is a women-led digital marketing & creative agency, designed to help growing businesses with all of their marketing needs.

Amy is more than just a past coworker, she is also a great friend of mine. We have worked together in various roles in different companies for the past 7 years, so when we decided to venture in this together, it was a no brainer. Starting this company and growing it to what it is today, has been the most fulfilling journey in my working career— as it is something of my own.

Having the ability to make my own schedule, travel at leisure, have less stress, and the ability to work with a multitude of companies, continues to expand my skill set and has been the most rewarding.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Sometimes I work more than a regular 9-5, but I don’t mind because I get to be my own boss. Working for yourself isn’t for the light hearted, so you need to be a highly self motivated, disciplined and optimistic person to achieve your goals!

I encourage those who want to start something of their own to do it! If you have the capacity to see your dreams to life, GO FOR IT! Dive deep and don’t look back! Yes, you may make some mistakes, but you will learn from them and take those lessons to help you advance in whatever you are looking to do.

Find other like minded people and surround yourself with the same type of energy and work ethic. Network as much as you can and build working relationships.

I hope my story has shown you that if I can do it, then you can too! Reach for your dreams and never settle for less!

Peace & Love. Kristina Wright

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