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Jersey Beach Highlights: Ocean City

While there are in fact two Ocean City’s on the east coast, today’s blog puts Jersey’s in the limelight!

An Introduction

First, let me introduce myself. Hey! I’m Faith, a new intern at Jersey Girls Marketing, and I am pleased to have the honor to write a blog for you! I recently visited OC on Memorial Day, so I want to share my experience and why I think you should visit there yourself!

My Day at the Beach

So, we started off our day in OC with a classic breakfast at Ocean City Cafe, right across from the iconic pink building of The Chatterbox, which is temporarily closed. My party enjoys The Chatterbox so they were disappointed to affirm its closure, but the Cafe sure did hit the spot, both in its friendly service and cuisine. Shout out to the owner and waiter! This experience is what made me realize how tight-knit and friendly Ocean City’s community really is, so you should experience the camaraderie for yourself.

Then, we made our way to the boardwalk and entered in between the iconic Manco & Manco's Pizza and Shriver’s Candy Shop, which does have an excellent selection of their classic salt water taffy and any other sweet delicacy you can imagine. Another detail I noted was that there are separate lanes for each type of passenger on the walk itself. You can find lanes for pedestrians, bikes, and even runners, though I must admit that the majority did not follow these guidelines. They were utilized mostly during the hours that biking on the boardwalk is permitted, which is between 5am and noon, but I like to appreciate the attempt of organization the walk has. While there, we made sure to get some boardwalk delicacies like classic funnel cake, orange and cream soft serve ice cream at Jilly's titular factories and the iconic Manco & Manco’s pizza. Only the best!

I’ve only been to OC once before this trip, and I have to say it was a completely different experience this time around, which I’m sure is due to the holiday. There were a lot of families, and people in general. What made me realize why this beach is so family oriented is because it is a dry town, meaning no liquor is sold in OC at all. You’d have to travel across the bridge where as soon as you enter the next town, pubs, bars, and all spaces alike can be found. Therefore, I completely suggest bringing your kids here for a great and safe time. Not to mention the escape rooms, art centers, and amusement parks found both on the boardwalk and in the surrounding area!

After that, though crowded, the beach was a beautiful experience and perfect place to get that first base tan. I already received mine at a booth, so tanning this time around was a breeze, though maybe a little bit too easy as I burned a bit as well. I definitely suggest investing in some high spf this year if you haven’t already, especially for those post-noon hours when the sun is still out.

Also make sure to check out some of the local shops and support small businesses for your next favorite beach pieces and that trusty screen! Keep your skin healthy and stay hydrated!!

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your day, stay positive, bask in the beach season!

-Faith Duncan

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