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Effective Email Marketing

eMail Marketing is still the most effective of all digital marketing techniques.

Statistics show that for every $1 spent on email, businesses typically see a return of $38 and 1 in 5 companies experience an ROI of 70:1. That's huge!


We want to help you be as efficient and effective as possible with your email marketing and our experience is extensive.

Our expertise includes:


  • Selecting the best email marketing platform (Mailchimp? Constant Contact? Other?)

  • Crafting subject lines that increase open rates

  • Designing email templates that increase conversions and click-through

  • Setting up emails that make it through spam filters

  • Making sure your emails are responsive and look great on mobile phones 

  • Integrating your email with your website

  • Automating email responses to activity on your website or other channel (drip campaigns)

  • Building and sourcing email lists

  • Testing emails properly before sending

  • And much more!



We typically begin with a strategy and set-up project. 


The strategy piece is $295, the set-up varies depending on what you need done and can range from another $495 to $1895 for more complex drip campaigns or set-up with multiple custom designed templates for different purposes.

Once set-up, you can hire us to manage your email marketing on an ongoing basis.  The pricing again varies and depends on the volume of email and the role you need us to play. 

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