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Sales & Marketing Collateral

Most businesses need a certain amount of sales and marketing collateral. You need something that you can use to generate interest in what you do or seal the deal with people who have found you and are trying to decide if you are the right choice.

This collateral can include any of the following, all of which we love creating!

Business Cards

There are lots of choices in terms of how, who and where you get these done.  We help you think through what your business cards really need to do for you, how they will be used, and the best possible design and production choices.  You receive a beautiful, profession, custom designed card!

Fees: Starting at $295, not including print costs


We find our clients have a huge range of needs when it comes to brochures. Sometimes all you need is a postcard or a flyer, other times you need a typical "tri-fold" to leave in counter stands or use at events.  Other times we have clients who need a product catalog or something more sophisticated.  We work with you to figure out what you really need and the best way to get it done.

Fees: Vary


Many of our clients need presentation materials they can use at events or sales meetings. Not only are PowerPoint and Keynote our friends, but over the years, we have developed literally hundreds of presentations and templates.  We can help you put together something that is impressive and effective.

Fees: Start at $495 for a 5 page presentation

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