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Branding that Builds your Business

What is branding?

"The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products."

- Entrepreneur Magazine 

We would argue that your brand is more than just a name, symbol or design. It's your visual identity - the impression people get when they see your business, whether that's in person, in an ad, online or in their social media feed.  

Your messaging is also part of your brand.  How you talk about yourself, the words you choose and the way you deliver those words. Your "tone of voice." 

We can help you with both.  Including any of the following:

  • Brand strategy

  • Logo design

  • Branding guidelines

  • Messaging

Pricing varies depending on what you need and how sophisticated an approach we take, but no matter what, you are sure to be happy and proud of the results!

Logo packages start at $2,495 which include a custom logo design, set of logo files in every file type you typically need for digital and print marketing projects and a well documented set of guidelines for logo usage, color palette and fonts.

Additional fees may apply if you require multiple variations of your logo, or need us to develop a  branding system that includes common design elements like shapes, graphics, textures, photography, etc. or if your logo design requires more than 3 rounds of edits.

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